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AASP Benefits
Payroll and Human Resource Services Through PAYCHEX ^TOP 
Special discount for AASP members: 25% OFF PAYROLL PROCESSING!

PAYCHEX  is the largest provider of payroll and human resources services to SMALL BUSINESSES in the United States.  PAYCHEX offers smaller businesses the comprehensive services of a national payroll provider, backed by dedicated, local Payroll Specialists.  This rare combination helps you easily manage employee information and simplify your entire payroll process from processing to payday!

Convert non-productive time calculating payroll and preparing tax deposit payments into productive,
profitable time.

- With TAXPAY® you no longer worry about missed deadlines and penalties–we will make sure your tax payments are accurate and timely, plus automatically file quarterly and year-end returns. 
- Professional payroll checks and earnings statements for employees
- Direct Deposit eliminates check signing, bypasses the check cashing routine, speeds check reconciliation and eliminates special payments.
- Submit payroll directly to your Payroll Specialist by phone, fax, or Internet Time Sheet….Or submit and manage your employee information with Paychex  Online Payroll.
- Full complement of user-friendly management reports with each payroll
- Free online reports service (can access any report, W-2, employee check, tax return, etc.--resides on our system for 4 years)
- State Unemployment Service—Paychex can answer your Unemployment Claims, protect your unemployment rate, saving you both time and money

Paychex is the company that made automated payroll efficient and cost effective for any size organization.

732Call Scott Seidman at
(732)968-2700  ext. 41867
Or via email:  sseidman@paychex.com
Visit me on the web at:

AASP/NJ Mission & Objectives ^TOP 
Mission Statement
It is the mission of the Alliance of Automotive Service Providers of New Jersey to advance the professionalism and excellence in the automotive repair industry through education, representation and member services.

1.       To promote the adoption and application of higher business and professional standards and thus improve the image of the automotive repair industry. 

         To protect the public in its dealings with the automotive repair industry by:

·       Preventing the development of and bringing about the elimination and reform of  abuses in the automotive repair industry.

·         Establishing a code of fair practices for the automotive repair industry.

 ·         Acquainting the public with methods of fair practices in the automotive repair industry.

2.       To provide a forum for members of the automotive repair industry to exchange ideas, learn new techniques, improve the quality of service provided to the public, and to improved the quality of life of those engaged in this industry.

3.       To disseminate educational material and hold seminars for the benefit of the automotive repair industry as it may relate to technical, management, or legal information.

4.       To represent the New Jersey automotive repair industry to other segments of the industry, to state and federal agencies, and to others from the public or media.

5.       To assist members of the automotive repair industry in achieving greater economy and efficiency in the operation of automotive repair shops.

6.       To do such other things as shall be in the best interests of the public and the automotive repair industry

Assistance with Renewing Licenses & Compliance ^TOP 

NJ Auto Body License renewals are due in by the end of September 2006. Check the Members Only Section of the AASP/NJ Website for assistance with renewing your Auto Body License.

Applying for or renewing a New Jersey auto body license can be a daunting task. Complying with certain provisions of the law can be even more troublesome especially if the shop has not kept up with the changes in the law.

The AASP/NJ recognizes the difficulty shop owners are often faced with at renewal time and will assist members in good standing to get through the process. Due to a more active role in the collision industry, the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission has made full compliance with the law a must. Those that are not complying with the law could be subject to fines or even suspension of their licenses.  AASP/NJ has held numerous compliance seminars in various locations throughout the state. AASP/NJ members receive a full compliance kit which includes a plain language explanation of what is required to fully comply, along with pre-designed forms and signs to bring the shop into full compliance.

Access to Industry Legislation and Forms (AASP/NJ) ^TOP 

AASP/NJ has a lobbyist on retainer to represent the interests of the automotive industry in Trenton. The AASP/NJ Legislative Committee works actively on behalf of the association's members, both collision and mechanical. Through our lobbyist, we frequently meet with legislators and state regulatory agencies that affect the automotive repair industry.

We constantly disseminate educational material and hold seminars for the benefit of the industry as it may relate to technical, management, or legal information. It is the goal of AASP/NJ to provide a forum for members of the industry to exchange ideas, learn new techniques, improve the quality of service provided to the public and the quality of life of those engaged in this industry.

Having a well-qualified lobbyist in Trenton allows AASP/NJ access to New Jersey legislators and provides valuable industry input on issues that would otherwise be impossible to address.

Check Guarantee Services (Certegy) ^TOP 
Increase Your Sales and Customer Base
Certegy enables you to increase sales by accepting more checks from your customers and lowering your payment acceptance cost.

Certegy Check Services Program Highlights

• Exclusive Alliance of Automotive Service Providers/
New Jersey discount rate of 1.11% which includes full stop payment coverage for fraud, forgery, stolen and NSF checks for standard paper check acceptance
• $25.00 monthly minimum
• No transaction fee or check minimum
• $10 monthly statement fee waived when using ACH billing
• Voice surcharge of $1.25 for customer-initiated calls
• Easy claim submission, up to 60 days from the date of the check
• Fast reimbursement, up to 10 business days from receipt by Certegy
• Flexible authorization limits for U.S. or Canadian checks, up to $30,000 in U.S. funds
• Multiple ID’s which include DL and MICR
• Use existing P.O.S. equipment or use attractive lease/purchase options COD Program available

For more information on the program, call 1-866-496-2637 or e-mail your company name, address and phone number to product.info@certegy.com and identify yourself as an AASP/NJ member.

Note: This program applies to members not currently using Certegy Check Services. Existing customers may have their account reviewed for program eligibility.

For a free consultation call 1-866-496-2637 or email product.info@certegy.com.

Summit Software - Help I Crashed My Car - Emergency Communication System ^TOP 

Software and Mobile Solutions brings AASP/NJ Members 


Help I Crashed My Car™


COLLISION SHOPS: Get the First Notice of Loss directly from the customer right from the scene of the accident with this extraordinary emergency communication system!


Help I Crashed My Car™ is a FREE smart phone app that provides your customer and their family with access to virtually everything they need if they are ever involved in a car accident!


Help I Crashed My Car’s patent-pending wireless technology provides your customers and family members with a one-click automated emergency communication system that contacts up to 3 family members or friends, your customers insurance company and/or insurance agent and a preferred body shop. It will even send your customer’s shop a map of the accident location so they can respond immediately!


That’s right the Help I Crashed My Car program can actually be instrumental in putting you, the shop owner at the scene of an accident and in communication with your customer before anyone, including the police, tow truck driver, insurance agent or the insurer has the opportunity to influence who will repair your customer’s car in the event of an accident. In other words, what an anti-steering device! 


Because of its GPS location technology, Help I Crashed My Car™ makes it easy for the user to locate and contact the closest Police Department, Ambulance Service, Hospital, Towing Company, Rental Car Company, or Body Shop.


Help I Crashed My Car™, also provides the user with important information on what to do if involved in a car accident, what to look for in a quality auto body shop, and what the consumer’s rights are after being involved in an accident.


Help I Crashed My Car™, even provides the user with an Accident Report and the ability to take photos at the scene of the accident. The user can then send the report and photos to your insurance company or preferred body shop.


Help I Crashed My Car™, also has a marketing and advertising component (MarketPlace™) that can open up new and innovated marketing and advertising channels by providing AASP/NJ Members that subscribe a web based application that directly connects with the consumer's mobile device and e-mail that can be used for electronic marketing.


The AASP/NJ has partnered with Summit Software to bring AASP/NJ Members this innovative and unique emergency communication system that has the potential to address and resolve problems that have plagued the collision industry for years, increase sales, open-up marketing and advertising opportunities, while providing consumers with invaluable assistance when an accident occurs. Under the benefit, AASP/NJ Members receive the program at a discount.


To sigh up for this member benefit, learn more about the program or to receive an information package, contact Summit Software and Mobile Solutions North East Business Development Manager, Mike Choma at 888-282-6772 Ext. 202  or click on the link below:


http://www.aaspnj.org/user_docs/Help_FlyerAASP-LINK to PDF.pdf

Equipment Discounts (Autobody/LKQ) ^TOP 


AutobodyLKQ is a Web-based program that, among other things, provides shop owners with a place to sell those valuable extra parts that all collision shops have laying around collecting dust.

Sell the parts that are taking up valuable space.
• Get new customers
• 24/7 Personal Accounts
• Pay No Commission

To sign up today, go t www.autobodylkq.com or fax your parts list to 732-842-9210.

To learn more about AutobodyLKQ, contact Ron Pailey of AutobodyLKQ at (732)842-9202.

Exclusive Access to AASP/NJ Website (AASP/NJ) ^TOP 
The official Web site of the Alliance of Automotive Service Providers/New Jersey (AASP/NJ), www.aaspnj.org, is your one stop to keep in touch with your Association and your industry. Members can easily access upcoming meeting notices on our updated calendar of events, or read the latest breaking industry news in our "Headline News" section. The site also features a complete listing of industry links and full details on the NORTHEAST Automotive/Autobody Trade Show, the largest regional event of its kind. Our new "Members Only" section contains even more important information - including NJ insurance company codes and NJ-MVC inspection procedure guidelines, and much more – available exclusively to AASP/NJ members at no extra charge.
Insurance & Technical Information Hot Line (AASP/NJ) ^TOP 
The AASP/NJ Hot Line provides members with a place to turn for answers to industry related questions. Members can now enjoy the benefit of being able to get quick and efficient answers to their questions all day, every day.

Problem calls are often documented providing a track record regarding recurring problems. This allows AASP/NJ to detect trends and address the issues before they get out of hand. The information obtained by the Hot Line allows the association to keep a close watch on the industry and the information can be used to substantiate the position of the association regarding laws, rules or regulations.  This information can reveal if the problem is contained to one certain area, one certain company, one certain person, or if the issue is widespread.

Over the years, the Hot Line has provided answers that have meant the difference between a shop being paid for a claim or the claim being denied. There have been times when one call has resolved a claim dispute on the spot. It has meant the difference between a salvage title and a clean title on a vehicle. Calls to the Hot Line have resulted in banks signing a check, where they were refusing to sign, or holding the check, while waiting for the customer to make delinquent payments. The Hot Line has resolved betterment issues, prior damage issues, repair issues, total loss issues, towing and storage issues, delayed inspection issues, delayed payment issues, steering problems, photo inspection issues, and much more.

The Hot Line has educated many members as to their rights under certain regulations and has helped them better prepare to deal with the problems in the industry. If you have an automotive industryrelated question, call the AASP/NJ Hot Line.

Labor Guide & ASE Test Preparation Manuals (Thomson Delmar) ^TOP 

Chilton® 2006 Labor Guide Manual Set

AASP/NJ Members Get 15% off List Price 

Automotive ASE Test Prep Manuals for both Mechanical and Collision exams
Professional technicians have relied on the ChiltonR Labor Guide Manual estimated repair times for decades. The labor times reflect actual vehicle conditions found in the aftermarket for domestic and import vehicles, including rust, wear, and grime. Times also reflect technicians’ use of aftermarket tools and training.

-Up-to-date edition reflects today’s AAIA repair industry standards
-Widely accepted by insurance and extended warranty companies
-Updates based on technical hotline input, OEM warranty times, and technical editor evaluation

Prepare to pass any automotive ASE exam with help from this newly revised package of ASE Test Preparation Manuals. Each title in this popular series features the recently updated task list for the ASE topic of that book, and they cover the topics one might find during the test process. Technicians seeking certification in any one of the automotive ASE exam areas will benefit from the valuable preparation that is offered, including ASE test-taking strategies, hundreds of ASE-style exam questions, and detailed explanations as to why a particular answer is correct or incorrect.

-Hundred of ASE-style exam questions adequately prepare readers to successfully pass the ASE exam
-Readers are given scores of opportunities to check their understanding of critical concepts through sample problems, refresher materials, and competency-specific test questions
-Overviews of each task make an easy reference point for help in answering difficult ASE questions.

AASP/NJ supports Thomson Delmar Learning Products.
Contact Jessica Cipperly, your sales representative, at 1-800-998-7498 ext. 2578 for more information.*

 *Must provide proof of membership to receive applicable discounts

Labor Pool (AASP/NJ) ^TOP 
 Looking for a job? Look no further! The AASP/NJ has a Labor Pool where we match workers looking for a job with AASP/NJ member shops looking for workers.

If you have a skill related to the automotive industry and are looking for work, don’t wait! Call the AASP/NJ Labor Pool today and let us know that you are available. We may have a job waiting for you.

If you are a shop owner looking for workers, call the Labor Pool and put your request in. We may have the worker you are looking for.

If a potential worker comes to or calls your shop looking for work, and you do not need them, don’t send them away. Refer them to the Labor Pool. Do your part to keep the pool full. You may need a worker at a later date.

Looking for...
and much more...
AASP/NJ Labor Pool Number:

New Jersey Automotive magazine (AASP/NJ) ^TOP 

 NEW JERSEY AUTOMOTIVE is the official publication of the Alliance of Automotive Service Providers/New Jersey. For over 40 years, AASP/NJ has utilized NEW JERSEY AUTOMOTIVE to inform automotive service professionals of current issues affecting the automotive industry. Key issues such as legislative actions, educational programs, state-of-the-art equipment, management techniques, shop safety and federal and state regulatory compliance requirements along with shop profiles, in-depth features, surveys and editorials are presented each month in NEW JERSEY AUTOMOTIVE.

NEW JERSEY AUTOMOTIVE welcomes everyone involved in the automotive profession, including body shops, mechanical shops, service stations, towing companies, auto recyclers, suppliers and manufacturers to join us in a greater communication and understanding.

244 Chestnut Street
Nutley, NJ 07110
973-667-6922 fax 973-235-1963

Repair & Estimating Systems (Mitchell1) ^TOP 

Mitchell1 OnDemand
The Best Online Repair & Estimating System Keeps Getting Better!

Get instant access to the most trusted database of automotive information available with Mitchell 1 OnDemand5.com. The new browser interface includes a robust search engine that makes finding repair procedures or parts and labor information easier than ever. This disc-free version of OnDemand5 includes the most complete vehicle coverage, late-breaking TSB’s, the best wiring diagrams in the business, and Mitchell 1’s OnDemand5 Estimator and Transmission.

Single-User Pricing        Monthly Pmt.                             Activation

OnDemand5.com            $189   $149                           $419   $99

(3 users)

OnDemand5                   $209   $159                           $419   $99

Repair and Estimator

OnDemand5.com          $189   $139                            $419    $99

(Repair Only)

OnDemand5 Repair      $189   $149                             $419    $99

(Repair Only)

Multi-User Pricing          Monthly Pmt.                                         Activation


Repair and Estimator          $245     $215                                 $519     $99

OnDemand5 Repair           $222     $189                                 $519     $99

Promo Code: POPDSCT
Corp ID: 206

OnDemand5 Repair is the only system that
includes full-color SVG system wiring diagrams for every vehicle back to 1985.


System Wiring diagrams for EVERY

VEHICLE back to 1985!

Maintenance data now displays Indicator driven service information

All-NEW Search takes the guesswork out of fi nding critical information

NEW, intuitive TSB module makes fi nding TSBs a snap

Corporate customers discount (Level A $10) has already been applied. Please see Exhibit B for details. Not combinable with other offers. Include fi rst month’s payment with all orders. New customers only. Expires 12/31/08. New customers only.




(This offer is only available to AASP members. Please contact Charles Bryant at 732-922-8909 for more information)



-1983-current Domestic and Import Models
-Clear Illustrations and Wiring Diagrams
-Complete Diagnostics
-Technical Service Bulletins and Recalls
Scheduled Maintenance with Labor times
Frequent Data Updates
Quick, powerful estimating tool

OnDemand5.com Hardware Requirements
-Microsoft Vista, Windows® 98 2nd Edition (SE)
-Windows Millennium Edition (Me)
-Windows NT® 4.0 with Service Pack 6a (SP6) or higher
-Windows 2000
-Window XP (Home or Professional) Microsoft Internet Explorer 6
-Pentium processor or higher 128 MB of RAM (256 MB recommended)
-15" monitor capable of SVGA (800 x 600) or higher resolution with 256 colors (1024 x 768 recommended)
-Inkjet or Laser Printer
-High-speed connection (DSL, Cable, or T1)

Mitchell1: The First Choice of Automotive Professionals



Now you can search OnDemand5.com your waywith Google.


New in OnDemand5.com, Google searching finds what you’re looking for faster and easier than ever before. And, unlike other products, OnDemand5.com Google searches go beyond article titles to find answers within entire documents, even TSBs and User Tips!


Find it faster — find it smarter — with OnDemand5.com.

For more information on this or other Mitchell 1 products, as well as pricing and to locate your local Independent Sales Rep. please call or click:


OnDemand5.com Features:

• NEW Google Searching - Search Repair Articles,

TSBs, and User Tips

• NEW OnDemand Live - View & Share Tips

• Full Color Wiring Diagrams

• Automatic Monthly Updates

• No Software to Install

• Vintage Information


For more information on this or other Mitchell 1 products, as well as pricing and to locate your local Independent Sales Rep. please call or click:

888-724-6742 x 6313        www.mitchell1.com/od

**NEW!!!** Expanded Mitchell 1 Member Benefits
The Alliance of Automotive Service Providers (AASP) has expanded its member benefits to provide an increased cost-savings opportunity from Mitchell 1’s electronic, printed and business performance service offerings. AASP members who begin new subscriptions or renew existing subscriptions to Mitchell 1’s OnDemand5 (Online or DVD Repair and Estimator), OnDemand5 Manager/ManagerPlus management system, tire pressure monitoring system manual, mechanical parts and labor estimating guides, and emission control application tables manuals will be eligible for an enhanced price savings on the monthly subscription fees and purchase prices.
As for Mitchell 1’s Business Performance Services, AASP members will receive special discounts on Mitchell 1 products including Customer Retention Marketing (CRM) and ServiceIntelligence (SI).

To learn more about these offerings or for more information about Mitchell 1’s products and services, AASP members may call Mitchell 1 at (888) 724-6742, ext. 6313, or visit www.Mitchell1.com to find their local Mitchell 1 representative.


Specialized Automotive Industry Insurance (American Hardware Insurance) ^TOP 

American Hardware’s Customized Program for Businesses in the Automotive Services Industry

At American Hardware, we understand your business. After all, we’ve been writing business insurance since 1899. We realize your auto repair business has special insurance needs. That’s why we developed a special coverage program that includes:
-Customized coverages and expanded coverage limits
A professional American Hardware representative who specializes in writing business insurance
-A company known for excellent service and fast claims responses

American Hardware representatives are experienced in writing customized coverages for the automotive services industry. We assess your insurance needs through a comprehensive survey and analysis of your business. We focus on:
-Property/liability exposures to loss
-The coverages you have under your current business’ exposures to loss

Our representative then designs and recommends a professional business insurance plan that provides the protection you need at a fair price.  

American Hardware’s custom protection packages provide the coverage you need…
no more, no less.

 Coverage starts with the standard industry coverage forms. Then, our special coverage extensions and additions begin:

-Building Limit Automatic Increase at the Time of Loss
-Employee Tools & Equipment (by special endorsement)
-Computer Coverage (including Diagnostic Equipment)
-Building Ordinance or Law Coverage
-Fences: Cause of Loss Coverage Extended to Vehicles and Wind
-Business Income, including Extra Expense Coverage
-Outdoor Signs: Attached and Detached
-Pollutant Clean-up and Removal
-Employee Theft
-Off-Premises Coverage for Business Personal Property, including Property in Transit
-Up to $100,000 in overage for the perils of Flood and Water Back-up to property located outside of Flood Zone A*
*Coverage may be restricted or excluded in some states


-Garage Coverage Form
-Loss to Customer’s Personal Property
-Faulty Work and Defective Products
-Host Liquor Liability
-Personal Injury and Advertising Liability Coverage
-Pollution Liability (short term)
-Employment Practices Liability Insurance
-Employee Benefit Liability
-Title Errors and Omissions Liability**
-Fellow Employee Coverage
-Broadened Pollution Liability – Business Auto/Garage
-Odometer Errors and Omissions Liability**
-Physical Damage for Vehicles Held for Sale**
**Optional – intended for businesses that occasionally sell vehicles

 All insurance policies are not created equal. Contact your American Hardware insurance representative for more details regarding our full line of custom protection packages designed for American business.


American Hardware Mutual Insurance Company
“Taking the worry out of being in business”

P.O. Box 435
Minneapolis, MN 55440-0435


Uniform and Linen Supplies (American Wear) ^TOP 

As a regional family-owned and operated firm, American Wear has the ability to provide a more personalized, responsive service as opposed to a 3 billion dollar company.

From a cost-savings standpoint, our uniform rental program does not include many of the "hidden" charges of our larger competitors. Specifically, our prices are guaranteed for the 36-month term of our agreement (most competitors have 60-month agreements with annual price increases and automatic renewal clauses).  Our policy of repairing or replacing rental garments (including size adjustments) at no extra charge is a significant savings.

Highlights of our pricing to AASP/NJ members are as follows:

Standard Industrial Pants and Shirts – 5 Changes $4.95/week
100% Cotton Pants and Shirts – 5 Changes $7.50/week
Twill Quilt Lined Jackets (3 Styles) – 1 Change $ .75/week
Oxford Executive Shirts – 5 Changes $3.95/week
Pleated Front Twill Pants – 5 Changes $3.30/week
Shop Wipers (one for one replacement) $ .10/week
3’ x 5’ Entrance Mats $2.25 each
4’ x 6’ Entrance Mats. $3.70 each
3’ x 10’ Entrance Mats $4.50 each
Fender Covers (36" x 60") $ .75 each
Continuous Roll Towels $2.40 each
Weekly Delivery Charge $3.00/week


Industrial Uniforms • Executive Apparel • Lab Coats & Smocks
Jackets • Flame Resistant Safety Garments
Insulated Outerwear • Coveralls • Imprinted T-Shirts
Entrance Mats • Treated Dust Mops • Wiper Rags
Machinist Aprons • Towels • Fender Covers • Kitchen Aprons
Chef Uniforms • Restroom Supplies
Main Office: 261 North 18th Street
East Orange, NJ 07017
Tel: (973) 414-9200 • Fax: (973) 414-8440 • www.americanwearuniforms.com

Waste Removal and Recycling (Waste Management) ^TOP 

AASP has partnered with Waste Management to develop a comprehensive waste services offering. As an AASP member, you are eligible for this great offer that includes nationally preferred pricing and a free waste and right-sizing audit.

Waste Management offers AASP Members preferred pricing and cost reduction for trash services, industrial non-hazardous landfill wastes, and recycling services (including cardboard, paper, and other fibers).

Service optimization can help reduce overall costs while maintaining high service levels. Waste Management will perform a “right sizing” audit to help you select the correct container size, select the correct pick-up frequency, and review options for including non-hazardous solid waste in trash stream.

Many businesses lose money by not maximizing recycling opportunities. In addition to being good for the environment, recycling can provide an opportunity to reduce waste service costs. Benefits include landfill avoidance, reduced overall costs, and resource recovery.

Each AASP member will be serviced directly by your local Waste Management operation. You will receive the benefits of national account pricing, local service guarantees, and the elimination of broke and middleman costs.

For more information on this program*, please call Tim Lasby at (866) 215-3879. He will be calling members shortly to go over the many benefits of this program. Please visit the Waste Management Web site for further information about the company.
*Note: This offer is for current AASP members who are not yet Waste Management customers. If you are a current Waste Management customer, please call Tim Lasby at (866) 215-3879 to find out what other offers you may be eligible for.

Local Chapter Meetings ^TOP 

The AASP/NJ now has chapters throughout the entire state of New Jersey. This allows members to attend local chapter meetings without having to travel for hours after a hard days work. Members can join any chapter and attend any meeting in any chapter they like. AASP/NJ Chapter meetings are posted on the AASP/NJ Website to allow all members to plan ahead for the meetings they would like to attend well in advance.

The AASP/NJ Local Chapters sponsor various types of meetings including training and educational seminars that would otherwise be impossible for certain shop owners and employees to attend. 

Exclusive AASP/NJ Member Garage Insurance Dividend Program ^TOP 

     Introducing the Garage Insurance Program that you have been waiting for!

The Amato Agency proudly introduces a new dividend-producing garage insurance program to save the members of the AASP/NJ on the cost of garage insurance up front by belonging to the AASP/NJ with the potential to earn a dividend on the back end of the policy term. In other words, The Savings are Twofold.”

This exclusive new member benefit will require active member participation to give the member the highest possible return. However, the up front savings from this exciting new program will likely be well beyond the cost to become a member of the AASP/NJ and receive this and all of the other many benefits of being a member without the cost because of the savings and save a great deal on the cost of your insurance at the same time.

With the recent depressed economic times every saving opportunity should be explored. It simply doesn’t make sense to overlook this opportunity or at least see what the savings might be. For details of the program or to get a quote, contact the Amato Agency directly at 800-763-6574 and ask for details on the new garage insurance dividend program for AASP/NJ members.

AASP/NJ Legislative Committee & Lobbyist ^TOP 

The AASP/NJ is your most effective means of knowing about and handling the legislative and regulatory issues affecting your business. Laws and regulations impact every aspect of your ability to conduct operations – business licenses, environmental requirements, consumer laws and insurer requirements. Uniting with others who share similar interests is your only practical means to be informed about and have a voice in shaping change. The AASP/NJ has a lobbyist on retainer to represent the automotive repair industry in Trenton. Through our lobbyist, we frequently meet with legislators and state regulatory agencies that affect the automotive repair industry.

Our Legislative Committee works actively to promote the concerns of the association's members, both collision and mechanical. Among our recent activities have been auto body licensing standards and enforcement; Private Inspection Facility relationships with the State; and, VOC requirements. The AASP Legislative Committee and its Chairman, Brian Vesley, often address the need to remedy the unjust conditions and small business problems that shop owners are faced with every day.

Sometimes it is just as important to prevent bad legislation as it is to initiate good legislation. Having a well-qualified lobbyist in Trenton allows the AASP/NJ access to New Jersey legislators and provides valuable industry input on issues that would otherwise be impossible to address.

It is the goal of the AASP/NJ to provide a forum for members of the automotive repair industry to exchange ideas and agree on programs to improve the quality of service provided to the public and to improve the quality of life of those engaged in this industry. Legislative Chairman Brian Vesley can be reached at 973-278-1444.

AASP/NJ - Hertz Revenue Generating Benifit ^TOP 

The AASP/NJ proudly announces a new partnership with The Hertz Corporation to bring members a new revenue-generating benefit. AASP/NJ Members can receive a monthly rebate check for each customer referred to Hertz and the greater the number of referrals, the bigger the check.

Hertz is also seeking members with an interest in opening a local Hertz Office at the shop to better fulfill customer needs.

Contact Emily Ruben of Hertz today at 703-655-3170 or click on the link below to find the closest Hertz location to you and to get set up on the AASP/NJ-Hertz Rental Referral Program that says thank you by making a deposit in your bank account every month. Click on the link below to find the closest Hertz location and to speak with a represenative about getting set-up on the program.


ALLDATA COLLISION-Your Single Source for OEM Repair Information ^TOP 

Quick, Reliable and Accurate Information
ALLDATA Collision is your SINGLE SOURCE for comprehensive factory-correct collision repair information. It is specifically designed to help collision shops increase productivity, improve customer satisfaction, increase profits and help limit liability. OEM manufacturers' repair information benefits you and your customers.

ALLDATA® CollisionSM Provides Up-to-Date OEM Repair Procedures:

  • Sectioning and welding locations
  • Structural repair and replacement recommendations
  • Body panel replacement procedures
  • Plastic repair techniques, identification and locations
  • Alternative metal identification and handling requirements
  • Advanced lighting systems
  • Revolutionary refinishing applications
  • Restraint systems
  • Hybrid technology
  • Mechanical Repair & Labor Times
  • ...and much more!

Strengthen relationships with your Customers
Manage your liability and reduce negotiations. Rely on factory-correct procedures and manufacturers' specifications to maximize quality and efficiency, enhance customer relations and reduce returns.

Boost Your Productivity, Improve Efficiencies and Profits
Eliminate the guesswork and limit out-sourcing with detailed OEM repair information and illustrations. For example, ALLDATA's factory-complete hybrid disabling and repair procedures provide step-by-step information to properly service these complex vehicles. With correct information, repairs that used to be daunting tasks can become new revenue sources.

Fulfilling an Industry Need
ALLDATA Collision was created at the request of the Collision Industry, which has long needed a single source for fast, convenient and accurate collision repair information.

Library Research Service
Can’t find what you’re looking for? Our library support staff can quickly access thousands of manuals as well as manufacturers’ websites. You will receive answers to your questions promptly. Library Support is available six days a week, and is included in your ALLDATA Collision subscription.

For More Information – FREE In-Shop Trial – AASP-NJ Discounted Pricing

Contact Your Local ALLDATA Sales Representative TODAY!



On-Hold Messaging/Search Engine Optimization Discounts ^TOP 


TOLL FREE: (888) 226-7608

PHONE: (954) 989-0115

FAX: (954) 843-0176







In an effort to help AASP Members continue to grow and market their businesses, American Creative has agreed to offer reduced rates exclusively for AASP Members!

Services available to AASP Members include:

- Custom Telephone On-Hold Messages (AASP Price: $339)

When a customer has to wait on-hold, they should be hearing about your business, services or specials, and reminded about referral programs.  As always, the quality of our work is guaranteed.

- Search Engine Optimization (AASP Price: $200 Setup + $600 per Month / 6 Months)

Let American Creative drive traffic to your website by boosting your rankings on major search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing, and by optimizing your current website to bring you more visitors to your site and more customers to your shop or store.  We guarantee our work will result in first page rankings.



On-Hold Program


American Creative – Telephone On-Hold Programs:


Promote your shop or store’s services to your customers while they’re on-hold!

When a customer calls to check on their vehicle or ask a question, why not use the time they wait on-hold to promote your business?

-          Offer bundled discounts to callers for additional services.

-          Keep callers from hanging up

-          Cross promote services and seasonal packages

-          Impress your callers with a professional image

-          Remind callers about referral programs

-          Direct callers to your website for additional promotions or email list

AASP/NJ members are entitled to discounted on-hold programs and services through American Creative.



Online Marketing / SEO


If you’re not on the first page of Google, your competitors are!


With Google alone serving over 2 BILLION searches DAILY, it’s clear that the public uses the internet to find the businesses they choose to work with.
Let American Creative drive traffic to your website by boosting your rankings on major search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing, and by optimizing your current website to bring you more visitors to your site and more customers to your shop or store.



Interchange Pricing Program Through United Bank Card ^TOP 
AASP/NJ is pleased to announce a brand new Interchange pricing program for all your credit card processing.   After much research on all the different programs available, we have finally secured what we feel is the most cost effective program in the market. Until recently, this program was only available to merchants processing millions of transactions per year.  Now through our new relationship with United Bank Card, one of the largest credit card processing companies located here in New Jersey, we are able to deliver this program to all our valued members.   Here is some feedback we have received so far:

 -“The new credit card program through United Bank Card and the AASP/NJ has significantly reduced our processing fees as promised.  The level of service and support has been great also.”  -- Edward Day, Collision Restoration

- “United Bank Card’s Interchange program is wonderful.  I was skeptical at first when I heard how much I could save on this new program but when I got my first statement they were right on target.  I’m now processing my checks through them as well.  The level of service I receive is just as impressive.” -- Greg Dwyer , Greg and Son’s Auto Service- AASP/NJ board member

- “We signed up for this new interchange program through United Bank Card and we’re very pleased with the amount of money we are saving.  Ken is doing a great job managing our account.”   -- Michael Inlander, Livingston Sunoco 

- “Thank you, AASP/NJ, for introducing us to Ken Racioppi and the United Bank Card Program.  They even upgraded our older terminal at no cost! They have been very easy to work with and very knowledgeable.”  Roberta Ferrara, Budd’s Auto Body- AASPNJ member 
Additional Benefits
•      Check Guarantee or Conversion with free check reader
•      No contracts or early termination fees
•      Free state of the art credit card terminal- fully PCI Compliant
•      Zero PCI compliance fees
•      Zero start up costs
•      Interchange pricing with no volume requirements       
•      Free gift and loyalty software
•      Free Wireless terminals for mobile processing
•      24/7 technical support
•      Dedicated account management - 24/7
For more information contact Ken Racioppi via phone at 1.866.353.0168 or by email at aaspnj.info@premiersolutionsnj.com to set a no obligation appointment.
Please be sure to mention you are an AASP/NJ member!

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